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Custom Fabric Printing – Ink to Fabric



Order a swatch book of printable fabrics to make the correct fabric selection Custom printed yards are non-returnable, so we highly recommend ordering fabric swatches to determine the correct texture and feel before printing on fabric yards.

For optimal results, upload a JPG that is 150-300 DPI (Also accepted TIF)

For faster file uploading, files less than 50Mb recommended.

Please ensure that files are in RGB colour mode not CMYK. Use a sRGB profile such as sRGB IEC61966-2.1 or similar for best results.

* Fabrics may shrink during the printing and washing process +/- 2%.
This means that your design dimensions may change slightly.

Choose Fabric

Image scale

Image size


Repeating Pattern

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Custom printing on over 20 different fabric types is now a possibility with! Simply upload your favorite design or pattern, and select your fabric type for the intended project and end-use! We safeguard your designs, and will not save them subsequent to printing your selected fabric for you. Our highly skilled technicians have tremendous experience with custom printing on fabric, and will ensure that your design is 100% completely accurate and perfect for you.

If you experience any difficulty with uploading your design, or with configuring the size/ DPI of the file, simply email the file to us at [email protected], and we will happily assist you. Once we configure the file size, we will submit to you for proof and approval.

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